The paths of discovery – Healing holistically Mind, Body and Spirit.

Who I am

My healing name is Malleohheh (pronounced May-Lee-Oh-Hey)

It means Magic of Nature in a language I made up for a project in college a while ago. It is the only thing I remember from that project, and I have always connected with it, so continue to use it.

What I do

Working with personal messages through Tarot, herbs, spiritual intuition. I believe that knowing thyself is the main goal of divination to help understand the inner & outer environment for a more spiritually connected life. I like helping people connect with that part of themselves too.

How we can work together

We can agree to hold a session or more together to find ways that you can reconnect with yourself, your guides and your path. All sessions are priced according to what you intend, and the work we decide is needed together. Donation style pricing is accepted for quick sessions of 1 hour or less; anything more is contract based.

Our goal together will be to combine the 3 principal selves to be more connected, healthier and happier.

Combining the 3 principal selves with an emphasis on spiritual and herbal healing to be healthier & happier with & in our physical being.